Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Dorothy and Lex - two women who got involved and continue to lead the way

Dorothy Ratnarajah

We have been celebrating local women through our local history project Having a Voice. Dorothy Ratnarajah and Lex Tudman are two more women who have got involved and continue to lead the way on the Fraser Coast. Dorothy has spent over twenty years as the treasurer for the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre. She did her PHD in her seventies and is now supervising several PHD students.
Lex Tudman
Lex Tudman has given to the community all her life as a Maryborough Hospital nursing sister, community nurse, deputy Mayor and now as a mother and grandmother.

These brave, resilient women have ovecome great adversity in their lives to tenaciously give back to the local community. Their fascinating stories will soon be available on Fraser Coast Libraries YouTube Channel found here 

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