Sunday, 9 April 2017

Colonel G. Birkbeck - Consecration of Colours 1928

Fraser Coast Libraries received some photos from R.A. Birkbeck (Bob) that he found in his Grandfather's belongings.  Enclosed in a letter where photos of Colonel G. Birkbeck and a Consecration of Colours event at Ululah, Maryborough, 1928.

Colonel G. Birkbeck 5th regiment receiving the Colours in Maryborough 20th May, 1928.

These are the Medals being worn by Bob's Grandfather
Consecration of Colours
Colonel G. Birkbeck passing guidon to Mayor Barker, 20th May, 1928.
General Foote and Staff taking salute at the March Past Sunday, 20th May, 1928
The Kings colours

Have you got any old photos in boxes?
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