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Maryborough Fire Brigade

This photograph shows the men of the Maryborough Fire Brigade with the original hand pump used to fight fires (centre of the photograph). The appliances on each side were purchased later and used steam-powered pumps that were built in England. The Maryborough Fire Brigade purchased their first horse-drawn, steam-powered pump in 1885 and the machine was named Progress because it was the most modern machine of its type in Australia at that time.  Photo Courtesy of Maryborough Wide Bay and Burnett Historical Society Inc.
The Maryborough Fire Brigade was formed in July 1882. This was after a fire in 1876 was fought with very little other than buckets and equipment. The Maryborough Municipal Council donated 50 pounds and land in Lennox Street near Kent Street. In 1952 Mr J.B. Raverty bought the original Fire Station and had it demolished.

Maryborough Fire Brigade now Commonwealth Bank Site. Old army drill hall on left - Upton and Co. Engineers. Left Morris Engine; Alex Dawson, Arthur Dowlands, Dave Whyte (Driver), Percy Gick, Arthur Heap, Joe Kenny. Right; Allday and Incous Engine. Bill Whitthrop, Cecil Ambrose, Arthur Polhmann (Driver) Alex Gick, George Horn, George Thomas.
Photo Courtesy of Maryborough Wide Bay and Burnett Historical Society Inc.

A new Fire Station was built in 1951 and built on the corner of Alice and Lennox Streets on the site of the very first Primary School.

Do you know anything about the Fire Station?

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Source: Trove and Footprints in Time.

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