Thursday, 30 November 2017

Oral History Workshop with Oral History Queensland

Lesley Jenkins conducting the oral history workshop at Hervey Bay
Do you know anybody that has an interesting life history? 

Have you ever wanted to capture all their knowledge and stories?

Oral History recordings are a great way to capture these memories. We were lucky to work with Oral History Queensland to run workshops at Maryborough and Hervey Bay branches. The presenter, Lesley Jenkins, shared her wealth of oral history experience. She is a recipient of a Churchill Scholarship in Oral History and has published material on the subject.

Participants have a turn at recording Oral History 

Participants  including: a Maryborough and Family Heritage Institute member and local authors; at Hervey Bay learning the ethics behind Oral History Recordings.
Maryborough Participants including members from Proud Marys, Bauple Museum , Burrum and District Mining Museum, Brennan and Geraghty's Store and Maryborough Wide Bay and Burnett Historical Society Inc.
Participants included members of  museums/heritage institutes, local authors and general public interested in the topic.

All left with a clear idea about how to record and transcribe these interviews, the ethics to be considered and copyright laws.

Interestingly, most of these recordings can be easily done using a smart phone with a microphone attachment - so most of us are able to record the memories of those family and community members we wish to preserve.

Her book - Talking Together: A Guide to Community Oral History Projects, OHAA Qld Inc, 1999. will be available in the library.  An Oral History Queensland publication -Oral History Handbook (Fifth Edition) by Beth M Robertson will also be available.

Both these publications are highly recommended guidelines for those beginning a project or wanting to improve a project they are working on.  To join Oral History Queensland more details can be found here 

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