Tuesday, 5 December 2017

John Andersen - part of the legacy of Electricity in Hervey Bay

John Andersen
The Fraser Coast Libraries Having a Voice Series will culminate in an Exhibit at Gatakers ArtSpace in April, 2018. As part of this series John Andersen was recently interviewed. He is a member of a multi-generational Andersen legacy that has influenced the shape of Hervey Bay. John talks about the establishment of the original power station where Coles stands now. His Grandfather, who John says was an amazing inventor and whatever he thought about he could do, established the first power station. John tells us other business people would ask how he had lights in his workshop at night, where he worked on wood to build the pier. He decided to build a power station so others could have lights and power. To hear this and other interesting things about the early years of Hervey Bay keep an eye on our YouTube page for his story to be published.

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